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RS Games is proud to celebrate its fifth anniversary. On Dec. 20, 2009, RS Games first began as a meager multiplayer, online version of monopoly. Five years later, it boasts many popular board and card game titles such as Uno, Blackjack, Farkle and Cards Against Humanity. We are excited to […]

5th Anniversary

Hello, We have just released a new game called Pig, in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day! It is a very simple dice game where you roll one die, and are faced with two options: Roll or Hold. Every roll of the dice increases your score, except if you roll a […]

Release of Pig

Hello, We have just released version 1.6 of our client, which includes an exciting new feature–voice clips! This feature allows players to send short voice clips to each other while in a game. To use this feature, press Control+R to begin recording, and again to stop when you are finished. […]

New Release: Version 1.6

Hello Gamers, Exactly 3 years ago, December 20th, 2009, RS Games released Monopoly. The free game only ran on Windows, and was our sole multiplayer title. What originally started out as a fun project turned into a dream come true on this date. We received a heap of feedback from […]

3rd Anniversary