Release of iOS App in Partnership with Blindfold Games

After several grueling months of hard work and testing, RS Games is pleased to announce the release of Blindfold RS Games for iPhone, iPod, and iPad as part of a partnership with Blindfold Games. All of your favorite titles like Blackjack, Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, Farkle, and Apples to Apples can now be played on your iOS device no matter your level of sight and technical proficiency.

Prices for each game are outlined below for sake of transparency, but you can try each game absolutely free for seven days before making a purchase.

  • Monopoly: $6.00
  • 1000 Miles, $5.00. Cards Against Humanity: $5.00. Uno, $4.00.
  • Yahtzee: $4.00
  • Apples to Apples: $4.00
  • Farkle, $4.00
  • Rummy: $4.00
  • Battleship: $4.00
  • Shut The Box: $3.00
  • Pig: free
  • Bingo: $3.00
  • Dreidel: free
  • Zombie Dice: $3.00
  • IDoubtIt: $3.00
  • Toss Up: $3.00
  • Ninety-nine: $3.00
  • Blackjack: free
  • Slot Machines: free

Bundle Options… Bundle 1, $19.99 (save $5)- strategy games, yahtzee, uno, 1000 miles, farkle, rummy, Battleship. Bundle 2, $6.99 (save $2) – creative games, of apples to apples, cards against humanity. Bundle 3, $9.99 (save $8) – simple games, zombie dice, shut the box, toss up, ninety nine, i doubt it, bingo. Bundle 4, – all 3 bundles + monopoly: $37 (buy 3 bundles, get monopoly for free).

We are so excited to finally be able to bring you RS Games on a mobile platform. We want to remind everyone RS Games will remain completely free on the desktop and web clients. The iOS version does not yet support voice chat or streaming, but we hope to have that in a future version. We’d like to especially thank Marty Schultz and the testers for their tireless efforts. We thoroughly hope you enjoy RS Games, now available for iOS! To request support or to report a bug, you can send an email through the settings portion of the app. To learn more about the app, go here. Or, you can search Blindfold RS Games in the iOS app store. If you have any questions, send us an admin chat in game or shoot us an email to From all of us at RSGames we’d like to thank you for your support and ideas to help grow our platform.