Zombie Die/I Doubt It Released. Happy Anniversary RS Games!

Today, December 20, 2013, marks the fourth anniversary of RS Games. We have grown from a single game, Monopoly, which ran on a single platform, to a cross platform, online gaming network, consisting of 15 games, including the new releases we have for all of you. We have nearly 16,000 registered players from all corners of the world. In celebration of our fourth anniversary, we are excited to announce the release of two new games, Zombie Dice and I Doubt It!

Zombie Dice is a game with elements of Press Your Luck where the goal is to obtain 13 “brains” by rolling dice. I Doubt It is a turn-based card game, where your goal is to get rid of your cards, as quick as possible. Honesty (or lack thereof) and luck are necessary to be victorious.

Thanks go out to our beta testers for helping to ensure the release goes as smoothly as possible.

We want to thank all of our players for supporting us over the past four years. We hope to continue to bring you new games and improvements for years to come. We hope you enjoy the new games! As always, the new games are available from the games menu when you log in to the client.