Welcome to RSGames!

Welcome to RS Games! Since 2009, RS Games has developed online board, card, and dice games that are accessible to the blind and visually impaired. Over 20 games are currently available including Monopoly, Uno, Blackjack, Yahtzee, Farkle, and Cards Against Humanity. Click here to see a full list of games.

Getting Started

Our games are free to play on Windows, Mac OS and the web. An iOS app is also available, with a small up-front purchase required for some games.

Play RS Games on a PC or Mac

If you are a screen reader user, download and install the RS Games client for the best experience. The client will output directly to JAWS, NVDA or VoiceOver, and includes sound effects to enhance the gaming experience. Note that the client does not display any text on screen, so if you do not use a screen reader it will not work for you.

Play RS Games on an iPhone or iPad

VoiceOver users can download the RS Games app from the Apple app store. Like our desktop client, the app outputs through speech only and does not display any text on screen.

Play RS Games from your web browser

Sighted users, as well as users of Android and other platforms without a native RS Games client can play RS Games from a web browser. The web client displays text on screen, so those who don't use screen readers can enjoy the games.

Learn how to play RS Games

Refer to our documentation to