RS Games Official Rules

Last updated: 04/22/2017

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Each main rule is a heading level 2 with most subheadings a level 3. note: in some sections heading level 4 is used to further continue explanation. Nothing above heading level 4 has been used in this document. There are also ordered and unordered lists in some sections. Most people using a screen reader can get quick access to this document through the H and shift+H keys to cycle through headings, as well as pressing the number rows, 2, 3, and 4 keys respectively for headings 2, heading 3, and heading 4, subsections. You can also use the l and shift+l keys to jump quickly from 1 list to another wether ordered or Unordered. If there appears to be an error, or you do not understand something, please email and we will attempt to help to the best of our ability.


At RS Games, we want to provide our players with an open, friendly community where they can play our games while also having the opportunity to talk to their fellow players. In order to be able to do this effectively, we have designed a set of rules which all players must follow. Any breach of these rules could result in the forfeiture of certain privileges granted to all players upon account registration. Moderators will enforce these rules, so it's a good idea to be aware of them. If you feel that a moderator has not enforced these rules properly, pleas email The RSGames administration team Do not argue with any moderator or administrator who is currently investigating your alleged offense. Moderator decisions are final, unless reversed by an RS administrator. If a moderator or administrator takes action against you in a manner that you feel is unfair, you have the option of appealing to the RS administration team by emailing us at At this point the administrators will make a final decision which will remain in effect. Sometimes, situations come up for which there are no rules. In this instance, the administrative team must quickly act to make a new rule. We will make every effort to update this document as soon as possible if and when this occurs. For this reason, we, the RS Games administrators, reserve the right to add, delete, or otherwise modify these rules at any time without prior notice to you, the end user. We also reserve the right to revoke access to any portion of the client at any time for any reasons not stated in this rules document.

RS Games Official Rules

Rules For Reporting

Disciplinary process for filing reports that are frivolous or false. 1. Only report offenses if they have been committed against you personally. Do not report on behalf of your friends. Your report will be closed, and we will email you to ask that you tell your friend to submit a report instead. Do not email or on behalf of another user, as it is per RSGames policy to only discuss account information with the user of said account. If you would like someone else to receive personal information about your account from RSGames administration you must first inform the administration or moderation staff. Example: So and so did this to my friend. 2. No frivolous reports. We will not mediate personal disputes. And we will not discipline someone you dislike simply because of a disagreement which occurred between you and another party. 3. No false reporting. Please do not report someone unless they have done something which is specifically against the rules. If you are unsure of someone has broken a rule, please email us at We will then tell you if a report should be filed or not. Please do not file a report until you have heard back from us. 4. Please report any inappropriate user names. 5. English and Spanish Reports only.

Username rules:

Disciplinary process

Users with inappropriate usernames will have 1 chance to change their usernames to something appropriate. If after the first change your name is still inappropriate, a user will be deemed unwilling to cooperate with the RS staff team, then a global permanent ban will be applied to the offending account. Do not evade our filter by using different spellings of inappropriate words. Our filters are there for a reason, and we do not take filter evasion lightly. 1. No names of a sexual nature. Please remember that not every RSGames player is eighteen years of age. Keep your names G rated, clean and wholesome, please. 2. No names using profanity. 3. No usernames referencing drugs or other words that may represent drugs. Example: Do not substitute a word that refers to any drug, such as, purple haze, crack, etc. 4. No names may contain racist or discriminatory comments and/or language. 5. No user names shall consist of political names. Such as former, current, or future presidents, governors, political leaders, in the United States or any other country. 6. No usernames that depict a famous person, both past or present, such as actors, athletes, singers, businessmen, etc. Example: SteveJobs, TomCruz, MichaelJackson, TomBrady. 7. No names with words which will crash any speech synthesizers. These are generally very obscure sequences of characters and therefore only users who use these synthesizers on a day-to-day basis will know which words will cause it to crash. 8. No names that contain only punctuation, as some players may have their punctuation set to some or none. 9. No user names that may mislead other players into thinking you are an RS staff member. No username may contain the words administrator, admin, moderator, or any derivative thereof. This includes spelling tricks to attempt to circumvent the systemís rejection of any such username. No admins or moderators will have usernames that publicly display their position in RS staff. If you have any doubt that you are talking to an admin or moderator, ask for a message to be sent to you via admin or mod chat, or simply hit f1 and ask if the user you are communicating with is a staff member.

Muting offenses:

These are offenses that will result in the removal of your communication privileges on the client. The admin and moderator chat will still be available to you, and as always you can e-mail the moderation team at however you will not be able to chat with fellow players using the client, either in a game or privately.

Disciplinary process:

Anyone found to be breaking the below rules will go through a three step process unless otherwise explicitly stated in each rule below, or if the moderator handling your report at the time feels it is necessary to skip a step. The moderators and administrators of RS Games reserve the right to skip one or more steps in the process if multiple valid reports regarding mutable offenses have been filed against you or if multiple offenses have occurred within a short span of time. Each report will be solved on a case by case basis. You will receive a message in moderator chat, or by email, alerting you of what rule you have broken and the consequence. If you feel a moderator has made an invalid decision regarding your mute, you may email the head moderation staff who will look into your case by emailing: We also reserve the right to globally ban any player who makes it blatantly clear that they have no desire to respect and abide by the rules the administrative team of RS has put in place. However, such decisions are at the discretions of the RS Games administrators and Head Moderators which must be authorized by them first. If you feel any of these decisions are in error, you may at any time email, and your case will be looked into. First Offense: A 30 day mute ban. This will be enforced for 30 days and then be automatically released once that time has elapsed. Second Offense: A 90 day mute ban. This will be enforced for 90 days and then be automatically released once that time has elapsed. Third Offense: A Permanent mute ban. This means that you will lose your ability to communicate with RS players via the client indefinitely. 1. No unwanted solicitation. 2. No discrimination. No comments should be made which attack a person's gender, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or alternate lifestyle choices. Bottom line, no discrimination, even if said type of discrimination is not listed here. 3. Do not bully, intimidate, or verbally abuse any player. Everyone has the right to their own opinions. You do not have the right to make a person's life miserable simply because you do not agree with how they feel about a certain topic. There is a difference between calmly discussing differing opinions and being a bully, a troll, or intentionally and extremely hurtful. 4. No threatening. Do not threaten anyone's life, family, friends, or computer. Again, if it's not covered here and it's considered seriously threatening, it may still be punishable. 5. No slander. Do not intentionally spread negative information about someone, whether true or false, in an attempt to make sure no one plays with that person. Alerting others of rule breakers is one thing. Deliberately and intentionally creating an environment where players do not feel welcome to play simply because you do not like them is quite another. 6. Do not divulge anyone's Personal information. Do not give out anyone's names, telephone numbers, addresses or other contact details, online passwords, credit cards, or banking details to any user under any circumstances. This is a massive breach of confidentiality and security to the user involved and it is at their discretion as to whether they wish to share information of this nature. If it is found that you have provided personal information of another user, you will immediately be given a permanent mute. 7. No spamming or attempting to crash screen readers. Spam, as defined by the RS Games administrative team, is any unsolicited, useless, and irrelevant text. This includes nonsensical comments, meaningless strings of text, saying one word over and over, or any combinations that will cause eloquence or a screen reader to crash. Examples: Billy babble had two slices of picked plush toys, theriejwoijfoiwejfoiewrgfioj, game game game game game game game game game game game game game. RSGames does have a crash word filter however any attempt to get around this filter is strictly prohibited, and may get you muted depending on how many attempts you make to avoid said filter. 8. No unauthorized publicity. Do not pretend to know about new games or features which you have no knowledge of. This creates unnecessary excitement and/or commotion in the RS community. 9. Do not impersonate an RS moderator or admin. Any users found to be impersonating any member of RS Staff will be permanently muted immediately on discovery of the offence. This includes claiming to be a staff member through chats or through the use of a misleading username. 10. No user can intentionally impersonate another user in order to cause harm or mischief with or without the impersonated userís consent.

Banning Offenses:

These are offenses that will fully revoke your access to the client.

Disciplinary process:

Anyone found to be breaking the below rules will go through a three step process, unless otherwise stated in the individual rule below or determined to be a banning offense by the moderator handling the report. The RS Games administrators and moderators reserve the right to skip one or more steps in the process if multiple valid reports have been filed against a particular user. Keep in mind each case will be delt with on a case by case basis. If you feel the moderator is wrong about there decision, you must first email the head moderation team by sending an explanatory message to If you are not satisfied with the outcome , you can appeal a moderators decision by sending an e-mail to 1. Multiple Accounts: You may not have multiple accounts. You will be given a warning the first time during which all but your oldest user account will be banned. If you should be found to have created multiple accounts a second time, you will be permanently and irrevocably banned from the server. 2. Do not attempt to evade restrictions placed against you. Do not create a second RS account simply to get around a temporary or permanent mute. This will earn you an immediate permanent ban. 3. Any Adult who engages in sexting with a minor under the age of consent in accordance with the laws in said minor's region is forbidden. We at RS Games follow United States Laws. This offense is automatically a permanent global ban. Even if the minor is a willing participant. 4. No invalid e-mail addresses. We use those Email addresses to send you important notifications regarding your account, and we cannot do so if your Email is invalid. Upon discovery of an invalid e-mail, we will ask you to update your e-mail one time. If you decide not to cooperate, your account will be banned. Furthermore, do not allow another user to use one of your Email addresses to create another user account on RS Games. Once that Email is linked to your friend's account, it becomes to the staff, your friend's Email. 5. Do not deliberately evade the idle timer. RS players reserve the right to kick any player who refuses to play a game, whether deliberately or unintentionally. However, the RS Games server cannot kick anyone who is sending messages to a gameís chat room at regular intervals. Anyone found to be making comments specifically to get around this restriction will be disciplined accordingly. 6. No exploitations. Do not exploit any bugs or security holes that may be part of a feature you may know to be contained within RS Games for the purpose of cheating or gaining unauthorized access to any portion of the system. If you discover a bug or security hole which can be used to cheat or gain unauthorized access to any part of the system, you are obligated to report your discovery to the admin team. You may do this by hitting f1 or by emailing 7. Sharing of accounts is not allowed. Any person or persons found to have shared the passwords of their account will be offered one chance to create their own. Failure to do so will result in a permanent, global ban. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the account you create, whether you currently use it or not. That means, if person B uses an account you've created or given passwords to to cause mischief and mayhem of any sort, you are fully held responsible for it. Do not give out your RS Games account password and Do not ask for the password for the account of another RS user under any circumstances.